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Miscelaneous issues




Trial repositories

For network trials you need a central svn repository to save the trial data. There are many free or paid network repositories. Nearly all of them use secure connections and needs username and passwords to connect to them. Therefore they are very suitable for multi-center clinical trials. You can search the Google for the keyword 'free svn hosting' to find a suitable svn repository. Also you may install svn repository on your own web site. The later need related technical skills. For the purpose od most trials using freely available svn repositories are sufficient and effective. As an example is the 'Unfuddle' Subversion Hosting which is freely available at You have to register for an account to be able to define projects on Unfuddle. Once defined you can use the url of the repository to set up a network trial with MinimPy program. Please note that each svn repository provider has its own method of defining projects and obtaining repository url. For further details and support you may consult the website of svn provider of your choice.

installing / translating other languages

To translate this application to other languages, please copy the folder en_US which is located in locale folder. You will find a file 'locale.cfg' in this folder. Open it in a plain text editor like notepad on windows or gedit in linux and translate every phrase after '=' signs to your favorite language. then run the script '' by entering the following command at a terminal (cmd on Windows):
Then rename the folder the codec of your language (e.g. fr_CA) and place it inside the locale folder. To change the interface language Open Preferences window (select Preferences from Tools menu) and select language of your choice from the Interface Language drop down list. The click the save button. The program prompts for restart. After restart the language will change to your favorite.

Please share the translated language to help other people use this program in theri own language. Please zip the folder of the translated language and email to to place on the program web site.

Keyboard shortcuts

Below are main keyboard shortcuts of the MinimPy program:
Control+NNew trial
Control+OOpen trial
Control+SSave trial
Control+QQuit the program
Control+ITrial Information