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Initial steps





MinimPy is provided as a free open-source program downloadable from It is distributed under the GPL license. Users are free to run the program as they wish, study the code and modify it to suit their needs, distribute the program and its modified code.

Installing MinimPy

MinimPy requirements

Minimpy needs the following program and modules to be pre-installed on the computer:
Python 2.6 or 2.7 (recommended):
PyGTK 2.x:
PySVN, Python binding for subversion
Although this list is somehow lengthy, actually these packages are integrated into larger packages to facilitate their installation. On Linux system usually python and gtk+pygtk are installed by default, therefore Linux users only need to install pysvn (and sometimes svn). Below are the specific instruction for installing packages requirement for Windows users which must be performed in this stated order:
Download python 2.7 from Then double click the downloaded file to install the python. The installation is strightforward and is similar to installing most Windows applications. Download all-in-one package for GTK, PyGTK and related modules from and install it by double clicking the downloaded file. Download PySVN which is needed for network synchronization of data, from Install it by double clicking the downloaded file.

Downloading and running MinimPy

After installing the requirements, download the MinimPy program from It is distributed as a compressed file (zip or tar.gz). Decompress the downloaded program in a folder. It does not need any installation. In the MinimPy program folder double click the minimpy.pyw to run it.






MinimPy Interface